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Winston Churchill (Christian Encounters Series)
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Winston Churchill (Christian Encounters Series)

Author: Perry, John
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ISBN: 1595553061 / 9781595553065
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2010-03-02
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In this Christian Encounter Series biography, author John Perry explores the life of Sir. Winston Churchill, the man who changed World War II.
Winston Churchill captivated the world with his voice and his writings. His books and speeches ooze with patriotism and faith in a just God. But he wasn’t always known for his oratory skills, his faith, or his ability to captivate. In fact, as a child, he was small for his age, accident-prone, and frequently sick. To make matters worse, he was stubborn and self-centered, had a lisp, and did poorly in school.
Born to an aristocratic family, young Winston was whisked off to boarding school at an early age, ignored by his parents, and left in the care of a nanny, Elizabeth Everest. But Everest excelled where Winston’s own parents had failed him. She nurtured and encouraged him, and shared with him her own steadfast faith in God, shaping the views and vision of the persistent little English boy who would become one of the most influen

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