1. Why Your Kids Misbehave--and What to Do about It
Why Your Kids Misbehave--and What to Do about It
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Why Your Kids Misbehave--and What to Do about It

Author: Leman, Dr. Kevin
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Popular parenting expert and New York Times bestselling author identifies the three core reasons kids misbehave (attention, power, revenge) and provides practical, experience-based solutions for what to do in each situation.;Tantrums. Talking back. Throwing toys or food. Meltdowns. Slamming doors. Kids know just how to push your buttons. You've tried all sorts of methods, but nothing seems to work.;That's because you're not addressing the root reasons for why kids misbehave, says international parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman. In this book, he reveals exactly why kids misbehave and how you can turn that behavior around with practical, no-nonsense strategies that really work... and are a long-term win for both of you.;With his signature wit and wisdom, Dr. Leman helps you see through your child's eyes, revealing why they do what they do, who they learn their behaviors from, and why they continue behaving badly. He identifies the stages of misbehavior, where your child is on the spectrum, and how to not only avoid escalating bad behavior but get on the front end and turn it around for good.;By the end of this book, you'll be smiling at the transformation in yourself, your child, and your home. Guaranteed.

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