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What The Cults Believe
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What The Cults Believe

Author: Robertson, Irvine
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ISBN: 0802494145 / 9780802494146
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Release Date: 1991-01-09
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You see them at airports and shopping centers. They knock on your doors or enter your house via radio. They are called Moonies, Mormons, Scientists, and Mediators.
Who are these people who claim to be people of God? Exactly what do they believe? How can you tell if they are members of cults?
And what about the New Age? Although it is not a cult, why do so many thousands of people cling to a movement with no organization, no founder, no absolutes, no statement of beliefs, no good or evil, no God, and no "reality"? Where did the New Age originate?
Irvine Robertson has done extensive research into the New Age as well as into cults such as Hare Krishna, the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, TM, and more. He explains simply and clearly what each group believes and where each deviates from biblical teaching.
Don't be fooled. Know the signs of the cults, and be prepared to offer a positive yet loving offensive to meet their false doctrines. What the Cults Believe will prepare you to answer cultist claims with the truth of God's Word.

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