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Voice in the Night: The True Story of a Man and the Miracles That Are Changing Africa
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Voice in the Night: The True Story of a Man and the Miracles That Are Changing Africa

Author: Pastor Surprise; Johnson, Bill [Foreword]; Wimbish, David [Contributor];
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ISBN: 0800795237 / 9780800795238
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Chosen Books
Release Date: 2012-02-01
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"Get out of the house. If you do not leave, you will die."
The command was so loud and urgent that the earth beneath me seemed to tremble. Yet my sleep-filled eyes could see no one talking. I was 15 years old, groggy, and had never heard of Jesus Christ. I didn't know where I would go or what would happen. Walking out into the African air that night, I only knew I must obey.
I can think of no earthly reason why God should have intervened in my life in such a dramatic way all those years ago. I just know He did--and still does.

Born into a long line of witch doctors, Surprise Sithole ("Sit-holy") was destined for a life of fear, oppression and poverty in the African jungles. But God had other plans. What began that night in a thatch and mud hut more than 25 years ago was an adventure of faith and miracles. From signs and wonders to supernatural deliverance to divine revivals that have overtaken countries, Surprise has followed wherever God has led, even into the darkest, most unreached places.

This is his amazing true story.


"After 41 years of ministry and traveling to six continents where I have interviewed some of the most famous Christians in the world, Surprise's story is the most amazing story I have ever heard. His story is so full of the supernatural activity of God that if I had not met him I would have trouble believing. I thank God that I have had the privilege of meeting Surprise Sithole. He is the most prophetic person that I have ever met. He walks in the greatest joy of any person I have ever met. Rolland Baker told me that most of the advances that had been made in Iris Ministry in Mozambique have come through Surprise's receiving from God prophecy and dreams and sharing the divine direction with Rolland and Heidi Baker. Through Voice in the Night: The True Story of a Man and the Miracles That Are Changing Africa you now have the same privilege of listening to Surprise's story."
--Randy Clark, president and founder, Global Awakening; overseer, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening; founder, Global School of Supernatural Ministry

"Surprise Sithole is a modern day apostle who is literally changing Africa. You will be thrilled and blessed with his life stories that will literally change you!"
--John Arnott, president, Catch the Fire, Toronto

"Surprise Sithole is an international co-leader with Iris Global, as well as a great friend. Over the years he has been a tremendous blessing and encouragement to us personally as well as the Iris family in Africa and around the world. His book, Voice in the Night, is full of miracle stories that will encourage and fill you with fresh faith. As you read this book, prepare to be greatly inspired and begin to step into your own miracle-working inheritance in Jesus!"
--Rolland and Heidi Baker, founding directors, Iris Global

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