1. Unmasking Male Depression by Archibald D. Hart
Unmasking Male Depression by Archibald D. Hart
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Unmasking Male Depression by Archibald D. Hart

Author: Hart, Archibald D.
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Release Date: 2001-01-02
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Depression is a secret pain at the core of many men's lives, and one that goes largely undiagnosed and untreated. The consequences of not treating male depression are extremely serious. Studies show that suicide is more common in men than women, and tha the male suicide rate is three times higher at midlife than at any other life stage. In Unmasking Male Depression, Dr. Archibald Hart explores the many forms of depression and gives tools for coping with and healing depression in men. Hart also examines the lives of Christian leaders who struggled with depression, such as Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, and John Calvin, to reveal the myths surrounding this illness

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