Uncensored Grace: Stories of Hope from the Streets of Vegas
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Uncensored Grace: Stories of Hope from the Streets of Vegas
Wilhite, Jud

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Wilhite, Jud




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Behind the glitz and glam of Sin City, an amazing story is unfolding. It’s a story of people who have run out of dreams, given up on hope. It’s a story of what can happen when Christians open their arms wide–really wide–in the name of Christ.
In Uncensored Grace, Jud Wilhite and Bill Taaffe introduce you to card players, exotic dancers, a flying Elvis, an American Idol contestant, and a beat cop turned hero, among others. Each has one thing in common–at their moment of extreme need they encounter an extraordinary God. And the place they find him is in an unusual church community that is gambling everything on a hope-filled message they call “uncensored grace.”
Writes Jud, “As a pastor, I completely misjudged what grace could look like in my world. Sure, I believed in a God who passionately pursues every human being, no matter how beat up or broken. I believed, but not enough. Not nearly.”
Welcome to the streets of Vegas. What happens here could change your life.
“In Uncensored Grace, Jud Wilhite describes the life-changing power of God’s forgiveness as it’s encountered on the streets of Vegas. Wherever lives hurt, God’s grace is present with more than enough power to heal.”
-Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life

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