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This Scarlet Cord: The Love Story of Rahab
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This Scarlet Cord: The Love Story of Rahab

Author: Wolf, Joan
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ISBN: 1595548777 / 9781595548771
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2012-07-10
Condition: New
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Within one of the Old Testament’s most famous battles lies one of the most tender love stories.
Hidden within the battle of Jericho is the story of Rahab, a beautiful and brave young Canaanite woman who aided the Israelites by hanging a piece of scarlet cord from a window. This act of faith changed her life by placing her in the genealogy of Christ.
Rahab is the youngest daughter of a Canaanite farmer, taken to Jericho for the pagan New Year so her father can find her a wealthy spouse. Sala, the Israelite boy who had once saved her from being kidnapped, is also in Jericho. When the two young people meet again they admit their love for one another, but their different religions make marriage impossible.
Their love story plays out against the background of Jericho’s pagan rites. It is only when the One True God of Israel comes into Rahab’s life—and she realizes what He is calling her to do—that she and Sala can come together.
Witness Rahab as a young woman determined to find her destiny as she follows her heart toward true love... and the One True God.
"Wolf (A Reluctant Queen) holds our interest by skillfully conjuring up a fascinating version of Rahab’s story, successfully persuading us that the story is far more complex than merely a “scarlet cord.” — Publishers Weekly

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