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Theology without Borders: An Introduction to Global Conversations
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Theology without Borders: An Introduction to Global Conversations

Author: Dyrness, William A.; García-Johnson, Oscar
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ISBN: 0801049326 / 9780801049323
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Baker Academic
Release Date: 2015-12-01
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Everyone knows the nature of Christianity has changed and the church is growing rapidly outside the West. But there is no consensus as to what this means for doing theology. Must Western theology be exported? Should Westerners rethink their views of God and the Bible in the light of non-Western thinkers?
Theology without Borders argues that the current demographics of Christianity demand that theology becomes a comparative exercise in which different voices reflect their different settings and begin to learn from each other. It also describes the challenges such a project raises. This concise introduction provides an overview of an emerging global discussion in theology by modeling this discussion from two different perspectives. Combining the voices of a Western and a non-Western theologian, it integrates Western theological tradition with emerging global perspectives, exploring the major issues involved in rethinking theology in light of the explosion of world Christianity. The book envisions a constructive integration of traditional and postcolonial theologies and underlines the contributions from the Global South. It will be of interest to theology and missiology professors and students as well as church leaders and readers interested in the changing face of world Christianity.
1. Transoccidentalism and the Making of Global Theology
by Oscar García-Johnson
2. Doing Theology Out of a Western Heritage: Gains and Losses
by William A. Dyrness
3. The Role of Indigenous Traditions in the Context of Christian Theology
4. God, Creation, and the Human Community
5. Jesus Christ and the Good News for the World
6. The Church in Global Context
7. The Christian Hope: Eschatology in Global Perspective
Appendix: The Historical Traditions of the Church

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