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The Truth of the Matter (The Homelanders)
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The Truth of the Matter (The Homelanders)

Author: Klavan, Andrew
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ISBN: 140168520X / 9781401685201
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2011-11-29
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"Never give in."

Ever since he woke up in a terrorist torture chamber—with a year of his life erased from his mind—Charlie West has been on the run. He has one desperate hope of getting his life back: track down the mysterious agent named Waterman. But in fact, reaching Waterman—and recovering the secrets lost in his own memory—will only increase his danger. Because a team of ruthless killers is rapidly closing in on him, determined to stop him from finding the answers. And the truth of the matter is more incredible . . . and more deadly . . . than he could ever imagine.

"Action sequences that never let up . . . wrung for every possible drop of nervous sweat."

Booklist review of The Long Way Home

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