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The Texas Brides Collection: 9 Romances from the Old West
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The Texas Brides Collection: 9 Romances from the Old West

Author: Franklin, Darlene; Mills, DiAnn; Mindrup, Darlene; Murray, Tamela Hancock; Sowell, Lynette; Ule, Michelle; Y'Barbo, Kathleen
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ISBN: 1683227328 / 9781683227328
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Barbour Books
Release Date: 2018-11-01
Condition: New publisher's overstock.
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It’s a wild ride through Texas history, but can the lawful, the lawless—and the lonely—find love?;Enjoy the rich history of Texas penned by an exclusive selection of Christian fiction authors—including DiAnn Mills and Kathleen Y’Barbo. This collection of nine romances brings together the lawful, the lawless, and the lonely in the Lone Star State. Watch as three Texas Rangers turn from chasing outlaws to courting women who are determined to remain independent. Experience the trials six outlaws have as they turn into respectable citizens and seek to settle down with a spouse to love. Includes;Serena’s Strength by DiAnn Mills;Serena Talbot seems small and frail. In fact, for the two years Ranger Chet Wilkinson has known her, he believed her to be a young teenager. Suddenly Serena has proved herself to be a woman of uncommon strength, and Chet has taken notice. But Serena’s very protective father won’t hear of a ranger courting his only child.;The Reluctant Fugitive by Darlene Mindrup;Caught up in a bank robbery, April Hansen finds herself the prisoner of Ranger Yellow Wolf Jackson and under suspicion for aiding a band of gangsters. How then can April feel peace in the midst of stormy weather and pending trial? And what is this undercurrent she experiences every time Wolf looks at her, a plain seamstress?;Saving Grace by Kathleen Y’Barbo;Captain Jedadiah Harte is ready to walk away from his old lifestyle as a Texas Ranger and serve only God. A stray bullet, though, has thwarted his trip to Galveston to start a ministry, and it seems to be the answer to Grace Delaney’s prayers. Jed may be willing to help her keep her river supply landing running for a while, but can he make an even greater commitment when asked?;An Inconvenient Gamble by Michelle Ule;After yellow fever takes her parents and husband, Jenny Duncan is left to manage the family and horse ranch on her own. Civil War veteran Charles Moss has left many regrets behind and become both a surveyor and teacher. His newfound religious convictions falter, however, when he meets the pretty Jenny and is drawn into advising her in business matters.;Angel in Disguise by Darlene Franklin;Owen Cooper investigates a series of bizarre burglaries among San Antonio’s wealthiest citizens. When charming newcomer Rosie Carson crosses his path, will his search end in jail—or love? Reuben’s Atonement by Lynette Sowell;Reuben Wilson returns home with a load of regrets. As a young man, he led his brothers down a path of crime and broke the heart of Charlotte Jeffers. Now with his debt to society paid, he tries to atone for the past and reclaim what he has lost. Charlotte wants to believe Reuben has changed, but an accusation threatens to destroy his plans for their future.;The Peacemaker by DiAnn Mills;The day Huntsville Prison cut loose Colt Wilson he thought the answer to his problems was money—until he met his ex-partner’s widow and her spunky daughters. It doesn’t take long for Colt to see he’s met his match with Anne Langley. But a murderer stalks the Langley ranch, and Colt and Anne fear for her daughters’ safety.;Outlaw Sheriff by Kathleen Y’Barbo;When former outlaw turned law-abiding Christian Caleb Wilson wanders into town, the townsfolk think he’s the new sheriff. Caleb is happy to accept the honor, until Lydia Bertrand arrives with the news that she is the sheriff’s mail-order bride. Will the new sheriff admit his true identity to the citizens and his reluctant bride-to-be, or will he keep the job and gain a wife in the process?;A Gamble on Love by Tamela Hancock Murray;Benjamin Wilson and Pearl Hubert team up to swindle gamblers—until she leaves to tend her dying ma. Moral Mama will have no sinning in her house. Will they hit the road again together, or will they find more reward in love, prayer, and a miracle from God?

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