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The Tabernacle *Scratch & Dent*
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The Tabernacle *Scratch & Dent*

Author: Bouchoc, Mr. Eric J.
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ISBN: 161715282X / 9781617152825
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: AMG Publishers
Release Date: 2012-05-07
Condition: Scratch & Dent
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The scriptures are filled with the richness and depth of the glory of our creator, richness and depth that go well beyond our comprehension. We read about our God and we are awestruck by His splendor and by the miraculous things that He has done for His people, those that are called by His name. Let us never forget that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
The tabernacle was the dwelling place for the Hebrew people while they spent their time wandering in the desert wilderness. During that time, God showed Himself to be a loving, kind, merciful and compassionate God to a rebellious and stiffnecked people much like us today.
As you open this book and explore the images inside allow yourself to be transported back in time. Allow God to present you with the experience…hear the sounds, smell the smells, feel the warmth on your face and see what may have been. Mentally walk where they walked. In the end, present yourself as a living sacrifice to your maker who simply wants to spend time with you.
The tabernacle was made so that God could dwell among his people. Today, we no longer need the physical tabernacle. He has promised to live inside us as His holy dwelling place to those who live for His son Jesus. Won’t you allow this book to be a vessel for a deeper relationship with your maker?

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