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The Spoils of Eden (The Dawn of Hawaii Series)
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The Spoils of Eden (The Dawn of Hawaii Series)

Author: Chaikin, Linda Lee
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ISBN: 0802437494 / 9780802437495
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Release Date: 2010-05-01
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Amid the looming spiritual and political crisis in Hawaii, Eden Derrington and Rafe Easton are thrust into a conflict that will forever change their beloved Hawaii and threaten to derail their future marriage.
When Eden, representing the Hawaiian Board of Health at Kalihi Leper Hospital is sent to Rafe’s plantation to take baby Kip to Kalihi to quarantine him indefinitely, an emotional volcano of suspected betrayal threatens to turn their love relationship to ashes.

Someone has alerted the Board that the baby Rafe saved and brought to Honolulu came from the Kalawao leper colony.
Since the law strictly forbids children born of lepers from being adopted Kip’s future seems destined toward tragedy. And what of Eden and Rafe after their engagement is broken? When Eden’s father, Dr. Jerome, returns to open a clinic at Kalawao, she joins her father, leaving Rafe to run for the legislature and attempt to change the children’s law.

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