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The Sacred Romance John Eldredge PB
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The Sacred Romance John Eldredge PB

Author: Curtis, Brent
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ISBN: 0785273425 / 9780785273424
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Nelson Books
Release Date: 1997-05-14
Condition: New publisher's overstock.
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If you're feeling lost, disconnected, or longing for something more, join bestselling authors John Eldredge and Brent Curtis as they explore the greatest love of our lives: our faith. The Sacred Romance invites us to find the peace and purpose we crave by slowing down, asking questions, and deepening our relationship with God.

Eldredge and Curtis believe that modern Christians have lost touch with our hearts. We've left that essential part of ourselves behind in the pursuit of efficiency, success, and the busyness of our lives.

The Sacred Romance will guide you through a journey to getting to know yourself and your creator even better, asking you:

  • What is this restlessness and emptiness I feel, sometimes after years into my Christian journey?
  • How will my spiritual life touch the rest of my life?
  • What is it that is set so deeply in my heart, that simply will not leave me alone?
  • When did I stop listening to God’s leading?

The Sacred Romance is a journey of the heart. It is a journey full of intimacy, adventure, and beauty, that will guide you to your fondest memories, your greatest loves, your noblest achievements, and even your deepest hurts--but the reward is worth the risk.

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