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The Low-Fat Lifestyle [Paperback]  by Nappa, Amy
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The Low-Fat Lifestyle [Paperback] by Nappa, Amy

Author: Nappa, Amy
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ISBN: 1578566312 / 9781578566310
Format: Paperback
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Release Date: 2002-11-19
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Never before has there been a greater need for healthful living. Yet most men and women are more familiar with failed diets and debilitating stress than with well-nourished bodies, clear minds, and peaceful hearts. We know that we need to cut the “fat” from our lives–physically, mentally, and spiritually. But where do we begin? How are we to know what’s necessary, what’s “fat,” and how to make wise choices between the two?

While there are numerous books dieting and healthful eating on the market, few address the tremendous importance of balancing physical, mental, and spiritual health–and none more effectively and comprehensively than The Low-Fat Lifestyle. Through thirteen empowering chapters packed with information, encouragement, tips, and insights, Amy Nappa helps readers honestly assess their lives in these three vital areas and shows how they can make practical changes that will drastically improve their health: body, soul, and spirit.

Offering far more than the temporary “quick fixes” for which most diet books are known, The Low-Fat Lifestyle presents a long-term solution to the problems of unhealthy eating, consumerism, and other sources of clutter in Christians’ lives, freeing readers at last to live the joy-filled existence for which they were created

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