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The History of Christian Europe
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The History of Christian Europe

Author: Evans, G. R.
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ISBN: 0825478278 / 9780825478277
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Lion UK
Release Date: 2009-02-28
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Beginning with the spread of Jesus’ teachings and the apostles’ ministry throughout the Roman world, G. R. Evans shows how Christianity transformed not only the thinking but also the social structures of Europe. In The History of Christian Europe, Evans traces Christianity’s influence across the centuries, from its earliest days, through the East/West schism, Reformation, and Counter-Reformation, to its development in the scientific age of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and its place in the modern world. The narrative is complemented by sidebars highlighting key events and concepts, such as monastic life, icons, Darwin’s The Origin of Species, prophecy, the slave trade, and the influence of psychology.

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