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The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (Even When You Have Every Reason to be Miserable) *Scratch & Dent*
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The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (Even When You Have Every Reason to be Miserable) *Scratch & Dent*

Author: Hamilton, Scott; Baker, Ken [Contributor]
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ISBN: 0785228942 / 9780785228943
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2009-01-06
Condition: Scratch & Dent
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Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Scott Hamilton shares his eight secrets to finding happiness in the face of a life filled with challenges, difficulties, and career-canceling odds.

With never-been-told, behind-the-scenes stories from the skating world, personal challenges including testicular cancer and a brain tumor, as well as divine miracles, Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Scott Hamilton shares the secrets to his lifelong journey to find the silver (and gold) lining in the clouds of life. His life principles, fashioned into eight secrets that begin with the rote of learning to skate the figure 8, are the keys. Scott says, "Skating taught me how to be happy. I have always kept these eight as my own private, personal secrets that I practiced daily with repetition, focus, and discipline. Now I want to share them with the world."

"For the past twenty seven years Scott Hamilton has been a mentor and good friend. I’ve seen first hand the struggles he has had to endure and how he has continued to persevere with a confident attitude. He lives his life as a champion. Everyone needs the positive message of this greatly inspiring book."
-- Kristi Yamaguchi
 Olympic Gold Medalist

"I know and love Scotty Hamilton. You will too after you read this book." 

--William Shatner

 "Scott Hamilton is a champion in more ways than one. In addition to being one the world’s greatest ice skaters, he has mastered adversity and a multitude of challenges. The Great Eight is an inspiration to us all."

--Donald J. Trump

"Scott’s outlook on life continues to influence me in a very positive way, encouraging me to look at challenges in a larger context.  Within the metaphors of his skating career, the wisdom in this book is not only very inspiring and easy to grasp, but surrounded by great story telling.  I’m so glad he recorded it for the rest of us."  

--Brad Paisley, Grammy Award-winning Artist

"It’s like my bud Scott says—"you can’t just skate through life and expect to be happy!" So anyone choosing not to buy this book is choosing not to be happy.  Shame on you."  

--Kevin Nealon
Actor, Comedian, Saturday Night Live Alum

 "A gold medal literary performance from a true Olympic star."

Richard D. Lamm, Governor of Colorado

"For twenty five years I have been a close friend and business advisor to Scott.  He is an inspiration to all who know him.  I cannot imagine anyone better suited to write on the topic of happiness than Scott Hamilton.  Through a lifetime of facing incredible odds he has learned the secrets to maintaining a positive attitude and can-do spirit.  Spend time in the pages of this book and you will walk away truly inspired."

Bob Kain
Former CEO, IMG
Current Vice Chairman, Cleveland Browns

"After a myriad of setbacks, Scott speaks eloquently about survival in the face of adversity. This book deserves a ‘ten’ and a ‘Personal Best’ too! Bravo!"

Dick Button, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Emmy Award-winning skating analyst

"In each successive chapter and challenge in his remarkable life,as Olympic champion, as cancer and brain-tumor survivor, as devoted husband and father and man of faith,Scott Hamilton has forged ahead with unquenchable spirit and uncommon joy, always emerging wiser than before.  This warm and insightful book will allow its readers to experience the blessing I’ve been privileged to enjoy in person: a delightful, practical, bracingly-honest conversation with one of our national treasures."

 Ken Durham, Ph.D., Senior Minister, The University Church of Christ at Pepperdine University



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