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The Darker Road (Wandering Series)
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The Darker Road (Wandering Series)

Author: Graham, LB
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ISBN: 0899577725 / 9780899577722
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Living Ink Books
Release Date: 2013-08-06
Condition: New
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The empire of Eirmon Omiir, king of Barr a-Dohn, couldnâ??t be stronger. Eirmon rules all Aralyn with an iron hand. Meridium, the metal alloy that is both the source and currency of power throughout the world was discovered in Barra-Dohn, and it remains dominant because of it.
The family of Eirmon Omiir couldnâ??t be more fractured. Eirmon cares for little beyond the power of his throne and his own personal pleasure, and the sins of the father have had generational consequences. Eirmonâ??s son, Kaden, has reaped their bitter harvest. His family is in shambles;a deep divide separating him from both his wife and his son.
A series of mysterious visitors begins to converge on Barra-Dohn, and both Eirmon and Kaden face choices that will determine not only the fate of the Omiir family, but the future of the empire they rule.

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