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Stitched with Love Romance Collection: 9 Historical Courtships Begin in the Sewing Parlor *Scratch & Dent*
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Stitched with Love Romance Collection: 9 Historical Courtships Begin in the Sewing Parlor *Scratch & Dent*

Author: Bateman, Tracey V.; Boeshaar, Andrea; Hake, Cathy Marie; Laity, Sally; McDonough, Vickie; Spaeth, Janet; Tracy, Pamela Kaye
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ISBN: 1683227964 / 9781683227960
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Barbour Books
Release Date: 2019-01-01
Condition: Scratch & Dent - Acceptable
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9 Romances Stitched with Love;Treasure this collection of nine historical romances. Faced with finding the right fit in life and love, nine young women seek the courage to stitch together romance. But when unexpected obstacles abound, will love unravel before their eyes?;Tumbling Blocks by Andrea Boeshaar;Elsa Fritch’s dreams tumble from their heights when Shane Gerhard comes to town to collect on the contract between their parents. Could God expect her to endure an arranged marriage with a man who antagonizes her and disregards Him?;Old Maid’s Choice by Cathy Marie Hake;Betsy Larkin thinks she must choose between the siblings she is rearing and a man who loves her. Blacksmith Tyson Walker is used to bending iron, but can love and patience bend the will of a woman who is sure she is destined to be an old maid?;Jacob’s Ladder by Pamela Kaye Tracy;Samantha Thomasohn dreams of riches and of escaping the mundane life clerking for her father’s store. One man holds the riches while another holds her heart. How is true love to be defined, and where will Samantha place her priorities?;Four Hearts by Sally Laity;Diana Montclair covers her loneliness with an arrogant exterior and a drive for perfection that keeps friends at bay. She reluctantly endures the weekly sewing circle. Can Mrs. T.’s words of truth and a newfound friend help her realize she has been seeking the needs of her heart in the wrong places?;Back flap: (30-word blurbs for 5);Marry for Love by Janet Spaeth;Wild prairie-born Brigit Streeter lacks the domestic and social skills she needs to marry the cultured new minister, Peter Collins, who has come to the Dakota Territory from St. Paul. When Peter’s supervising elder brings Brigit a gift of fabric to make her wedding dress, Brigit is lost. She can’t sew. Can Brigit become a Psalm 31 wife?;Basket Stitch by Cathy Marie Hake;Bride-who-isn’t-to-be Rosemary Preston finds herself stranded in No Man’s Land without a groom. Rescued and taken to the Stafford ranch, she discovers Micah Stafford is everything she ever prayed for in a mate. Can a sampler-stitchin’ city woman soften a rough-and-rugged man’s heart?;Double Cross by Tracey V. Bateman;Ignoring Josephine Stafford’s vehement objections, Grandma determines to make her granddaughter into a proper lady. The whole venture becomes worth it when Pastor Mark Chamberlain starts showing interest in Jo—that is, until a “friend” double crosses her by blabbing all about Jo’s tomboyish ways. Will Mark abandon Jo, or will he love her for being true to who God created her to be?;Spider Web Rose by Vickie McDonough;Josh Stafford’s a tease, but he doesn’t like it when the joke’s on him. The spunky lad he found stranded in No Man’s Land has turned out to be a lovely young lady. When Josh and Rachel Donovan are together, tempers flare. When dreams would lead these two in different directions, is God weaving a web of love to keep them together?;The Coat by Tracey V. Bateman;As a jobless widow Leah Halliday struggles to clothe her son in the aftermath of World War II. When her boy’s coat, lined with an heirloom quilt, causes him to be the target of teasing at school, the headmaster’s heart goes out to him. But Max Reilly has a scandalous history. Should Leah trust him?

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