Scribbling in the Sand audiobook CD by Michael Card
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Scribbling in the Sand audiobook CD by Michael Card
Card, Michael

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Card, Michael


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Singer, songwriter and diligent student of Scripture, Michael Card is well known for the depth of his lyrics and the artistry of his music. But far more significant than the songs he has penned is the source of his inspiration--the creativity embodied in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God.

In this abridged audio book Card explores the biblical foundations of true Christian creativity. Whether we think of ourselves as creative or not, all of us are created in the image of our Creator God, and thus creativity is a vital expression of our discipleship. With Jesus as his model, Card shows how understanding God’s creative imagination leads to a lifestyle of humility, obedience and servanthood. And he invites us to follow God’s creative call through worship and community.

Read by the author, this audio book includes extra features not available in print, with exclusive material from Calvin Miller, Phil Keaggy, William Lane, Harold Best and Susan Card. Also included is a special performance by Michael Card of his song "Scribbling in the Sand.

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