Romantic love my father's gift *Scratch & Dent* *Scratch & Dent*
Miller, Kathy Collard

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Miller, Kathy Collard




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Can you hear the Father saying...

Your desire for biblical, romantic, intimate love is part of My wonderful gifts to you.

The Father God knows our desire to be loved by one special man. He created it. It is celebrated in Scripture.

Recorded in the divinely inspired words of Solomon is the richest description of physical love ever penned.

The love of Solomon and his bride show the plan God had when He first joined Adam and Eve in the garden. He gave them--and you--the desire to love and be loved completely, in the richest physical sense. Do not be ashamed of this gift. But use it wisely, creatively.

Look deep into the truths of the Song Solomon and his bride sang. They rejoiced in their physical attraction to each other. You can, too.

Listen to the Father say . . .

My Precious Princess and Daughter,
Cherish this gift and your husband.
The intimacy of your marriage reflects your trust in Me.

Kathy Collard Miller is the author of eleven books and more than 90 magazine articles. She is also a frequent conference and retreat speaker who puts both power and practicality into her work. Married and the mother of two, Kathy's writing reveals the depth of her commitment to her Father. This Bible study series grew out of her desire to communicate "From one princess to another."

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