Regret Free Parenting: Raise Good Kids and Know You're Doing It Right
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Regret Free Parenting: Raise Good Kids and Know You're Doing It Right
Hickem, Catherine

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Hickem, Catherine




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Are my kids ready for the world? Did I teach them the right things? What if I made a bad decision that affects them forever? What could I have done differently?
Moms have a list of worries a mile long about their parenting. They fear they’ll spend twenty years raising children—only to discover they missed investing in and teaching the things that mattered. How can any parent be sure she won’t have regrets?
Now an acclaimed motherhood expert teaches the principles every mother needs to confidently raise her children. Catherine Hickem shows you how to:
Build companionship and trust
Live peacefully in the teen years
Maintain your position as the parent
Develop emotional intelligence
Know the difference between control and intention
And much, much more.
Most importantly, Hickem shows how to achieve intentional parenting. Everything important in life requires planning. And every mom knows her greatest legacy, the truest expression of her heart and hope for the world, is bound up in the way she raises her child. With a perspective rich in faith and tested by life, join Hickem and learn how you can achieve regret-free parenting!
“While mothering is the hardest job we’ll ever undertake, our Creator designed it to be the most rewarding, most powerful, and closest to grasping God’s heart.” —CATHERINE HICKEM, LCSW

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