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Redencion Radical: La verdadera historia de Manny Mill (Spanish Edition)
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Redencion Radical: La verdadera historia de Manny Mill (Spanish Edition)

Author: Mill, Manny M.; Colson, Charles [Foreword]
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ISBN: 080240877X / 9780802408778
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Release Date: 2013-05-01
Condition: New with remainder mark.
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"Pude haber muerto en tantas ocasiones. Yo siempre gasté más dinero del que tenía, siempre estuve metido en más de lo que debía, siempre estuve involucrado en demasiadas cosas a la vez . . . Todo lo que hacía lo hacía siempre pensando en ."

Descendiendo a una vida depravada, Manny Mill se encontró al borde del desastre financiero y personal. En este libro honesto y muy personal, Manny cuenta cómo su búsqueda de placer lo llevó a la profundidad de la desesperación humana. Declarado fugitivo de la ley, estaba huyendo del FBI cuando encontró a Cristo y a una vida de redención radical. Las experiencias de Manny te estremecerán. Su fe te inspirará y sus palabras serán un desafío para pensar en tu vida, tu relación con el Dios del universo y tu necesidad de una redención radical.


"I could have been dead so many times. I always spent more money than I had, I was always in over my head, and I was always involved in too many things at one time...Everything I did was with me in mind." — Manny Mill

Descending into a life of debauchery, Manny Mill found himself teetering on the edge of personal and financial disaster.

In this candid and vividly personal book, Manny tells how His pursuit of pleasure led him to the depths of human despair. A declared fugitive of the law, he was running from the FBI when he ran into Christ and a life of radical redemption. Manny's experiences will thrill you. His faith will inspire you. And his words will challenge you to think about your life, your relationship with the God of the universe, and your own need for a radical redemption.

"The life and ministry of Manny Mill is another evidence that a Reformed vision of God's sovereign grace ignites radical, risk-taking ministries of mercy, not passive fatalism. May his story set ten thousand captives free—including those who have never been in prison." — John Piper, founder, Desiring God Ministries


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