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Race Against Time: A Novel
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Race Against Time: A Novel

Author: Woodhouse, Kimberley
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ISBN: 1433671174 / 9781433671173
Format: Paperback
Publisher: B&H Books
Release Date: 2011-11-01
Condition: New publisher's overstock.
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Anesia Naltsiine has made mistakes that have cost her-and her 13-year old daughter, Zoya-dearly. But no more. She will prove her worth as a mother and as a breeder of champion sprint racing dogs. Her kennel is so successful that buyers come from all over the world. So why does she still feel so worthless?
Zoya misses the dad she never knew. All she wants is to follow in his footsteps as a champion sprint dog racer. But when she witnesses a murder in their town of North Pole, Alaska, she finds herself thrown into dangers and emotions she can’t begin to understand.
Enter Sean Connelly, a new employee at the kennel with demons of his own. When he discovers macrochips bearing military secrets implanted in the Naltsiine’s dogs, a puzzle tracing back to the murder unfolds. Then strange “accidents” start happening;clearly someone wants Zoya silenced. Anesia tells her daughter it’s not safe to race, but Zoya, angry with the world- and God-takes off across dangerous Alaskan terrain alone. Anesia and Sean must race against time to save the girl-and themselves.

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