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Powering Up: The Fulfillment and Fruit of a God-fueled Life
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Powering Up: The Fulfillment and Fruit of a God-fueled Life

Author: Graham, Jack
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ISBN: 1433506580 / 9781433506581
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Crossway
Release Date: 2009-04-30
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A transformational resource that stimulates veteran and rookiebelievers alike to recognize and increasingly rely on the HolySpirit's life-altering power.

Christ-centered churches want to develop disciples who exhibitan active, transforming faith. New believers desire to "live thelife" and change the world for good. And anyone livingbeneath their God-given potential longs for a fresh dose of God'slife-changing, habit-altering power. But how does it happen?

Where is the start-up button on our spiritual lives? What movesus from "empty" to "full" in our hearts and witness? How do weaccess God's provision for prevailing against the enemy? The key isto fully engage the power of the Holy Spirit, says author andpastor Jack Graham, not to work independently of it as Christiansso often do.

In this enlightening, encouraging small-group and personalresource, Graham uses captivating first-person stories, compellinginsights, and contemporary imagery to help believers firstunderstand the Spirit's role, then tap into and practice his power.As Graham illustrates the powered-up life, he also casts a visionfor the empowered church, leading readers to a supernaturalinfusion of spiritual vigor that ultimately and victoriouslydisplays Christ to the watching world.

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