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Pathways to His Presence: A Daily Devotional *Scratch & Dent*
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Pathways to His Presence: A Daily Devotional *Scratch & Dent*

Author: Stanley, Charles
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ISBN: 0785221638 / 9780785221630
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2006-09-10
Condition: Scratch & Dent
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Discover God's Blessings for Your Life
Even more appealing than the charm of a trail through the forest, the serenity of a stroll by a river, or the inspiration of climbing a mountain path are the spiritual pathways to God's awesome presence. Pathways to His Presence reveals Dr. Charles Stanley's keen understanding of your deep longing for a clearer view of God's will for your life.
The spiritual guidelines of the Word explained in this devotional offer practical truth and inspiration for everyday living. The daily readings reveal biblical solutions to the desires and fears of those who feel they are stumbling along faintly lit paths of life.
If you're longing for the blessings God promises to those who walk with Him, Pathways to His Presence will lead you in the direction to capture them in your everyday life.

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