Little Mercies: Celebrating God's Everyday Grace and Goodness
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Little Mercies: Celebrating God's Everyday Grace and Goodness
Coulter, Lynn

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“Inspiring... beautiful... each story had something that spoke to my heart.” — My Only Vice
“Lynn Coulter’s book is like spending an afternoon with a close friend reflecting on the goodness of God throughout your life.” — Abbie Reviews
Christians know the Psalm about living a happy life—”This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” But it’s hard not to look around and be distracted by the fact that we are living in a broken, fallen world. Sometimes, there’s so much bad news coming from the media that it’s fair to ask: is there any other kind?
In Little Mercies, acclaimed essayist Lynn Coulter answers, “Yes, there is. There is some very Good News indeed, and it has a name. Jesus.”
Across sixteen thoroughly engaging chapters with titles like “Fly Fishing,” “Singing Behind the Plow,” and “Making Biscuits,” this talented writer reintroduces the reader to the grace-full God who is in the details, the One who appears when we simply dial down some of the noise that surrounds us.
“Little mercies are the earthworms that loosen the rock-hard soil in your garden;the laughter we hear coming from a playground;and a second chance at anything,” Coulter explains. “With practice, all of us can grow grateful hearts.”

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