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Lifesong: Bible centered worship for the Emerging Generation
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Lifesong: Bible centered worship for the Emerging Generation

Author: Oliver Claassen
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ISBN: 1845503732 / 9781845503734
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Christian Focus
Release Date: 2008-07-20
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Do we think about worship?
In the ‘emerging’ generation ‘worship’ is something to do with style, rather than substance. A matter of live–and–let–live choice.
But pure worship is declaring with our words and lives that God is more important to us than anything else – that he is our deepest desire and that he is worth more than anything else we hold dear. God alone is worthy of worship because he alone is righteous.
Louie Giglio points out that worship is simply about value. Our worship is a response to what we value most. If we consider that a person, a thing, or an experience is what matters most then we are willing to sacrifice in order to get it. Worship is coming before the ‘throne’ of what is of ultimate value to us.
In the Old Testament the priests would build an altar on which to offer the sacrifices to the One whom they worshipped. In order to find your altar of worship just follow the trail of how you use your time, energy, money and affections. The more time you spend before that throne, the more your life will reflect what or whom you worship.
It is time to re–engineer what we value most so that worship is something that truly honors God. Some values we hold dear will have to be cast aside, some new ideas adopted, still others will need to be strengthened.

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