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Let God Talk to You: When You Hear Him, You Will Never Be the Same
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Let God Talk to You: When You Hear Him, You Will Never Be the Same

Author: Tirabassi, Becky
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ISBN: 0764208411 / 9780764208416
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Release Date: 2010-09-01
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It is possible--you can hear from God!
Do you long for a closer connection to God?
To talk to Him and hear His voice?
To follow His instructions, if only you knew what He was saying?
For many of us, talking to God sometimes feels like sending words out into empty space. And hearing from God as the biblical prophets did may seem like an ancient fairy tale.
But Becky Tirabassi shares that it really is possible to hear from God. In fact, God longs to talk to us. He loves us and wants to communicate with us, just as we desire to communicate with those we love. You'll discover how to develop a conversational relationship with God, one where you can both talk to and hear from God.
You'll see that God is talking all the time, and there's no special prayer to pray or requirements to meet in order to hear from Him. Becky shows the many ways that God talks to us and how God has spoken to her in big and small ways, saying things that have redirected her day or changed her entire life. You can hear from God, too. When we set aside the time and focus our hearts on God every day, God talks to us.
God Longs to Talk to You
"I just know that if you really believe God wants to talk to you, that He holds in His heart all the answers to your questions, that He is always as close as your thoughts, that He loves you just the way you are, that He waits for you to wake up in the morning....You will not only hear Him, but find Him to be your greatest source of strength and encouragement. For these reasons and many more, I wrote Let God Talk to You." -- Becky Tirabassi

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