La venganza (Spanish Edition)
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La venganza (Spanish Edition)
Navajo, Jos? Luis

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Navajo, Jos? Luis




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Eight years later, Alex doesn’t even remember it. For him, it was only joking around in the school yard. But that’s not all it was for Dick. For him, it was a torture that marked him forever. He hasn’t forgotten what Alex did to him, and now he’s back, but not as the helpless child that crouched terrified in the school grounds. Now he’s a young man out for revenge on those who ruined his childhood and his self-esteem.

Alex and his friends are planning a fun day in the paintball arena. They have no idea that a paint war might be risky, but with Dick on the field, it will become more than dangerous. Some surprises will make them tremble: How could they suspect that their friend, a lovely and successful young woman, detests herself and feel like a monster? Who is to blame for how a young woman’s obsession over her appearance leads her to the brink of death?

There is a dark world underneath the muddy surface of the characters’ psychological complexes. This world is dangerous for those who suffer from the complexes and deadly for those who provoke them. Yet there is a way out, a light in the midst of the darkness— everything depends on getting close to it.

This realistic novel is charged with suspense and will grip the reader til the last page. Meticulous research into the world of the complexes and eating disorders from which millions of adolescents and young people suffer has given rise to La venganza.

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