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It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian
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It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian

Author: Bolsinger, Tod E
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ISBN: 1587430894 / 9781587430893
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Release Date: 2004-04-01
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Christianity Today 2005 Book Award Winner
"It's not often that a writer combines in equal measure a practical theologian's expertise, a pastor's ministry experience, and a prophet's insight into contemporary culture.... In this book, however, Tod Bolsinger has done it, and on a topic that should be of interest to us all."--Robert Banks, Macquarie University, Australia
It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian challenges Christians to embrace trinitarian spirituality as the basis for exceptional Christian community. Focusing on daily living, the book engages the ideas of writers such as John Calvin and Henri Nouwen in a discussion of how living in light of the Trinity can transform communal life. Critiquing the myth of American individualism, Tod Bolsinger claims that a relationship-centered, sacramental life--receiving the presence of God revealed in the ordinary--will transform communal worship and witness.
Finally, Bolsinger observes that in a world full of spiritual seekers, Christianity is simply not as creditable as we might hope. To draw hungry seekers to Christian community, we must be conduits of divine love and ever-hospitable hosts. The author's message is clear: "the exceptional life is the very life the triune God enacted and made visible through the communal life of the people of God."
It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian is designed for pastors, clergy, worship leaders, evangelists, church leaders, vestry, and deacons. It is important reading for all Christians, those who are called to embrace the communitarian life of the triune God.

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