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Is Justice Possible?: The Elusive Pursuit of What is Right
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Is Justice Possible?: The Elusive Pursuit of What is Right

Author: Nyquist, J. Paul
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ISBN: 080241494X / 9780802414946
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Release Date: 2017-02-07
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"Christians who take the Bible seriously dare not ignore this message. Paul Nyquist writes like an Old Testament prophet in modern America... ” — Leith Anderson, president, National Association of Evangelicals | Washington, DC
“Paul Nyquist brings a biblical focus and discerning look at why justice matters and how we might work toward it.” - Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Chair | Wheaton College
“… [Explains] why justice often eludes us in this life, but also how we must work to achieve it as best we can.” — Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, pastor emeritus, The Moody Church | Chicago
Why is justice so hard to come by?
The innocent are convicted. The guilty get away. The scales tip toward the powerful, while the weak remain oppressed.
If our world is so sophisticated, why is there so much injustice? What can believers do? Can we ever expect justice? Dr. Paul Nyquist, former president of Moody Bible Institute, addresses these questions and more in his new book, Is Justice Possible?
In four parts he considers:
Biblical and theological foundations of justice
Obstacles to justice in human society
Practical steps for pursuing justice in political, personal, and public arenas
The hope of true justice upon Christ's return
As police shootings and wrongful incarcerations raise increasing questions in the minds of Christians, Is Justice Possible? will seek to provide answers and establish biblical expectations.
At its core, this is a book about an attribute of God. Rather than rely on our own ideas of justice, we must look to the One who made us and embodies justice perfectly. Only then can we pursue justice in purposeful, effective, eternal ways.

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