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Healing the Masculine Soul PB by Gordon Dalbey
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Healing the Masculine Soul PB by Gordon Dalbey

Author: Dalbey, Gordon
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ISBN: 0849944384 / 9780849944383
Format: Paperback
Publisher: W Publishing Group
Release Date: 2003-09-11
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In his groundbreaking book fifteen years ago, Gordon Dalbey identified the fact that men's souls have been torn between strength and sensitivity. Today, the situation is even worse. The politically correct crowd cries out for men to be more sensitive, to tame their masculine nature. On the opposing side, the media bombards men with "macho" images of violence and lust. Is it any wonder men are left bewildered about who they should be?
In this newly revised and updated edition of Healing the Masculine Soul, Dalbey claims that there's hope for restoration, hope for healing-because Christ has come to heal us. God is calling men out to a relationship with Himself and calling them out to authentic manhood. "Our task is not to curse our manhood, but to redeem it," he writes.
Gordon Dalbey's refreshing, comprehensive picture of God's design for the masculine soul dares men to be as God created them to be-not as society demands. Dalbey tackles the tough issues, including work, sexuality, marriage, and fatherhood.
Book includes Study Guide.

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