Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God After Experiencing a Hurtful Church
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Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God After Experiencing a Hurtful Church
Merritt, Carol Howard

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An effective plan to help those suffering from wounds inflicted by the church find spiritual healing and a renewed sense of faith
Raised as a conservative Christian, minister and author Carol Howard Merritt discovered that the religious institutions she grew up in often inflicted great pain and suffering while purporting to preach about the God of love and grace. Though she loved the spirituality the church provided, she became acutely aware that many people were not only failing to find a safe and holy spiritual sanctuary but feeling cast out and spiritually wounded. For Merritt, this triggered a spiritual journey to discover a way to restore a healthy faith and a vital spiritual communion with God disentangled from the trappings of the church that had harmed her and so many others.
In this thoughtful book, Merritt lays out a plan for moving from pain to spiritual rebirth, from recovering theological and emotional shards to recreating spiritual wholeness. She does not sugarcoat the wrongs religious institutions have inflicted on many innocent victims. Sympathetic, understanding, and deeply positive, Merritt offers hope and a way to help people find healing and reclaim the spiritual joy that comes from having a vital and healthy spiritual life.

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