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God in the Manger
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God in the Manger

Author: MacArthur, John F.
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ISBN: 0849955572 / 9780849955570
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2001-10-08
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Rediscover the saving truth hidden in Bethlehem's manger.
Because of the warm fuzzy ambiance and economic impact of Christmas, Dr. John MacArthur is convinced that we are missing the enormous impact of the reality behind the season. In his usual easy-to-read style, he takes us beyond the tinsel and the seasonal hype to offer us an encounter with the miracle and mystery of the birth of Christ.
He leads us line by line through the familiar Christmas scriptures.
He exposes common misconceptions about Jesus' birth.
He helps us to see Mary's baby through the eyes of those who saw Him first.
He refutes attempts to dismiss the biblical account of the virgin birth as just another myth.
"We dare not trivialize or sentimentalize the persons and events surrounding the birth of Christ," Dr. MacArthur warns. "An authentic celebration of Christmas recognizes that the eternal, sovereign God came to earth as a human being to live a righteous life among His people and then to die as a perfect sacrifice to deliver from the wrath of God all who repent and belive."
Let God inject new life and meaning into your celebration of the coming of Christ as you use this simple volume to review what the Bible says about his birth.

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