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God Came Near: God's Perfect Gift
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God Came Near: God's Perfect Gift

Author: Lucado, Max
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ISBN: 0849947529 / 9780849947520
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2013-09-03
Condition: New publisher's overstock.
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Join bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado as he brings to life the most important event in history: when God Came Near.

It all happened in a moment--a most remarkable moment: God came near. He came not as a flash of light or as an unapproachable conqueror, but as One whose first cries were heard by a peasant girl and a sleepy carpenter. The hands that held him were not manicured, but callused and dirty. No silk. No ivory. No hype. No party. No hoopla. God came near, just for you.

In God Came Near, Max reminds us that just because we want a calm life doesn't mean we'll have one. The minute you sink down in the easy chair of life, heaven pushes the remote and changes the channel:

  • The financial aid office says "no."
  • A doctor says "pregnant."
  • The boss says "transfer."
  • The test grade reads "F."
  • The auto mechanic says "totaled."

Despite the challenges we face on earth, the Bible gives us a chance to be eyewitnesses of Jesus' majesty. We can take on our problems, we can have a fresh start tomorrow, and we can rest assured in the safety of God's embrace. Christ entered our world, and, as a result, we can enter his.

God Came Near invites you to travel back in time and celebrate Christ the Son of God as he became man. When you catch a vision of this incredible moment, let it mark the beginning of a new perspective, a new life, and a new appreciation for Jesus. Because when you see the truth of his life, it will change yours forever.

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