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Glory Now Revealed
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Glory Now Revealed

Author: Davis
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ISBN: 1540901041 / 9781540901040
Format: paperback
Publisher: Baker Books
Release Date: 2021-10-19T00:00:01Z
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Pastor Andrew Davis paints a dynamic, scripturally based picture of heaven as a place where we continually discover new aspects of God's glory displayed in his past works throughout the history of the world, resulting in endlessly evolving praise.

Believers know that when we die we enter heaven and will spend eternity there with God and the saints who have gone before us. But what actually happens in heaven? What are we going to be doing there? Won't it get boring at some point?

According to Scripture, a large part of our experience of heaven will be a continual revealing of God's glory. Not just his glory in the moment, but during all of time. The mysteries of providence, the hidden movements of God throughout history, and the forgotten and unnoted works of even the most obscure of God's people will be unveiled so that we can see how wise, loving, gracious, and powerful our God is. And though we will experience perfection in heaven, we will never be omniscient, which means we will always be learning more about God's glory, inspiring us to return joyful praise and thanksgiving.

If your vision of heaven has been limited to clouds and harps and angels, it's time to expand that view with the truth found in this biblically based look at the afterlife.

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