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From Nicaea to Chalcedon: A Guide to the Literature and Its Background
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From Nicaea to Chalcedon: A Guide to the Literature and Its Background

Author: Young, Frances M.; Teal, Andrew
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ISBN: 0801039150 / 9780801039157
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Baker Academic
Release Date: 2010-06-01
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"This new edition significantly expands and enriches Young's book and brings us face to face with the best of current scholarship on the period, yet it still retains the balance, breadth of scope, and critical good sense that has always made it so valuable. An indispensable guide."--Brian E. Daley, SJ, University of Notre Dame
In this volume, a world-renowned scholar of early Christianity updates and expands her classic survey of the writers and writings of the golden age of Greek patristic theology. This reliable guide to Christian literature from the late third century to the mid fifth century is more accessible than specialized works on individual authors but more informative than coverage provided by general histories and reference works. The second edition has been revised throughout for use by a new generation of students and scholars and includes a new chapter and updated bibliographies.
Preface to Second Edition
1. The Birth of Church History and Its Sequel
I. Eusebius of Caesarea
II. Eusebius' Successors
2. Athanasius and the Shaping of Nicene Theology
I. Arius
II. Athanasius: The Legend and the Critique
III. The Fundamentals of Athanasius' Theology: Contra Gentes-De Incarnatione
IV. Marcellus: Ally or Embarrassment?
V. Orations against the Arians
VI. Self-Justification, Retrospective History, and Shifting Theological Alliances
VII. Other Works
3. Heroes of the Faith: the Literature of the Desert
I. Athanasius and the Life of Antony
II. The Histories: the Lausiac History and the Historia Monachorum
III. The Apophthegmata Patrum
IV. Didymus the Blind
V. Evagrius Ponticus
VI. The "Macarian" Homilies
VII. Theodoret's Historia Religiosa
4. The Cappadocians
I. Biographical
II. Withdrawal and Involvement
III. Christianity and Contemporary Culture
IV. Basil and the Ascetic Movement
V. The Dogmatic Debates
VI. Gregory the Theologian
VII. Gregory of Nyssa and Neoplatonic Mysticism
VIII. Preachers and Teachers of the Church
5. The Temper of the Times: Some Contrasting Characters of the Late Fourth Century
I. Ephrem the Syrian
II. Cyril of Jerusalem
III. Epiphanius of Salamis
IV. John Chrysostom
V. Nemesius of Emesa
VI. Synesius of Cyrene
6. The Literature of Christological Controversy
I. Introduction: Eustathius
II. Apollinarius and Diodore
III. Theodore of Mopsuestia
IV. Polemical Correspondence and a Pamphlet War
V. Nestorius
VI. Cyril of Alexandria
VII. Theodoret of Cyrrhus

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