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Finding Hope: Rediscovering Life after Tragedy
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Finding Hope: Rediscovering Life after Tragedy

Author: Goll, James W.
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ISBN: 1424550998 / 9781424550999
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC
Release Date: 2015-11-01
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How do you cope, let alone rebuild your life after a series of trials, stressful difficulties, and traumatic experiences? Is there life after tragedy, and how do you move forward into a meaningful life filled with purpose and identity?;Noted author, James W. Goll, takes us on his personal journey of facing three bouts with cancer, the death of his beloved spouse, becoming a single parent, overwhelming debt, intense sorrow, being left with many profound questions—all while being exposed to public scrutiny as he carried on a global ministry. James shares his story and unpacks wisdom gained when the bottom fell out of his world.;In Finding Hope, learn how you can;Catch the little foxes that lead to downward spirals;Navigate through the stages of forced change;Maintain your faith that God is good no matter what comes;Tell your heart to sing again;Never, never, never give up;Become a hope ambassador, and much more Deeply personal and intensely practical, Finding Hope will give you useful tools whether for yourself or someone you love. You can rediscover life after tragedy!

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