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Shipping Prices

Free media mail shipping for orders over $35. If your order less than $35 or you need a faster delivery service:

USPS Media Mail (4-10 business days)

$3.50 for first item plus $0.50 each additional item

1 item: $3.50

2 items: $4.00

3 items: $4.50

4 items: $5.00

USPS Priority Mail (3-5 business days)

$8 for first item plus $1 each additional item
1 item: $8
2 items: $9
3 items: $10
4 items: $11

Varies by weight and actual cost of shipping from Ohio to your location.
Price is calculated at checkout. Large orders are often cheaper by UPS.

Transit Time Map

How can you sell books so cheaply?

The books we sell are known as bargain books. They are books that either are overstocks from the publishers or ones that went out to a Christian bookstore or major department store and were returned to the publisher when they did not sell. They are not used, though sometimes have cover wear. The publishers sell these at a great discount in bulk. We buy these and sort through them to grade their condition. You will note that many of the books are in new condition, but others have other conditions noted. We try to describe them as accurately as possible.

What is a remainder book?

A remainder book is a brand new book that the publisher would like to get rid of because of overstock, discontinuing the book, etc. The publisher will sell these books in bulk to bargain book dealers at a low cost, allowing us to sell to you. Some publishers will put a line or dot on the on the bottom outside page edges to indicate that it is a remainder book. This keeps the "new" book prices higher and does not allow retailers to return them to the publisher. Other publishers do not mark them in any way. Some of the books we sell have a remainder mark, but many do not.

Sales Tax

Due to the Supreme Court ruling of 2018, we are now charging sales tax in nearly 20 states. If you are a tax exempt customer, please email us your signed state's tax exempt certificate (with account email) to [email protected] prior to your order so we can mark your account as tax exempt within 24 hours. If you buy items both personally and for your church, please maintain a separate account for your tax exempt purchases, as your entire account will be marked as tax exempt. (State sales tax laws are changing rapidly. If you do not see your state listed, you may still owe use tax directly to your state, but we qualify for the small seller exemption and are not required to collect and remit taxes in these states.)

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