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Exodus Rising (Tales of Starlight)
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Exodus Rising (Tales of Starlight)

Author: Davis, Bryan
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ISBN: 0899578993 / 9780899578996
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Living Ink Books
Release Date: 2013-06-21
Condition: New
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Adrian Masters continues his relentless march toward the bitterly cold Northlands of Starlight. Ravaged by a deadly disease and accompanied by two children, Adrian carries Marcelle in a vegetative state, hoping Alaph, king of the Northlands, will supply
a way to reunite her near-death body with her wandering spirit.

Time is of the essence. Invading soldiers from Major Four are marching toward the Southlands village to do battle against the dragon slave masters, but two great dangers awaitthe inescapable disease and the unpredictable Benefile, ageless and mysterious white dragons who will kill any infected humans.

All the while, Drexel, the murderer of Marcelle’s mother, has taken on an impervious disguise as a male Starlighter and is using hypnotic powers to gain control of Mesolantrum with his sights set on the entire kingdom. Adrian and Marcelle must battle to free the slav es on one world and protect their own world from Drexel’s malevolent plan or else the freed slaves will return to Major Four only to find another slave master. Performing both tasks seems impossible.

Hope remains in the guise of the little Starlighter Regina. Guided by Cassabrie, Starlight’s great liberator, Regina hopes to accompany Adrian step by step to thwart the plans of slave masters on both worlds.

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