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Eternal Security
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Eternal Security

Author: Stanley, Charles
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ISBN: 0785264175 / 9780785264170
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2002-09-01
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Do you ever find yourself wondering...
Is it actually possible to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am going to heaven?
If you say that my salvation is "eternally secure" and that I can never lose it, does that mean that I can commit any sin and still go to heaven?
How can an understanding of "eternal security" make a difference in my Christian life?
With the wisdom and skill of a man who has personally wrestled with these questions, internationally-known pastor and bestselling author Charles Stanley addresses the age-old issue of grace vs. works in this compassionate, straight-forward book.
With questions at the end of each chapter, Eternally Secure is an excellent choice for individual or group study.
"I know from experience that until you settle once and for all the question of whether or not you are eternally secure, joy will elude you. Therefore, it is my prayer that God will use this book in your life and that in the very near future you will be able to face life with the confidence that comes through knowing you are eternally secure.?Charles Stanley
Previously published in hardcover (0840790953).

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