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Creative Bible Lessons in Job: A Fresh Look at Following Jesus
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Creative Bible Lessons in Job: A Fresh Look at Following Jesus

Author: Ranck, Doug
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ISBN: 031027219X / 9780310272199
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Zondervan
Release Date: 2007-12-31
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If your students have ever heard the story of Job, they are likely to remember one thing—suffering. (Well, they might remember a pile of cow dung, but they’re teenagers!) While suffering is a prevalent theme in Job, the stories inside this book also provide readers with truth and wisdom about a just and loving God who walks with us in the midst of an unjust world. Every human being—Christ follower or not—has asked, “Why does God allow suffering?” We all know that there are no easy answers to that question. But as you take the book and story of Job piece by piece, you’ll be able to guide students towards a better understanding of this God who can be so difficult to comprehend. Through the twelve sessions, you’ll help your students face some of the tougher issues of life, like: • The relationship between sin and suffering • How to be a friend to those who are suffering (and how not to be!) • Why don’t the wicked suffer? • How to survive suffering (and let God be God) In the tradition of the best selling Creative Bible Lessons series, CBL in Job presents each session in sections to help you move your students through a sequence of engagement, reflection, learning, and application. Including preparation for leaders, materials lists, discussion starters, scripture lessons, and activities to help personalize the learning, you’ll find that any youth worker can use this book to effectively guide students toward the important lessons from Job.

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