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Crater (A Helium-3 Novel)
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Crater (A Helium-3 Novel)

Author: Hickam, Homer
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ISBN: 1595546642 / 9781595546647
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2012-04-10
Condition: New
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A mining colony on the moon. A teen sent on a deadly mission. And a secret bigger than two worlds.

It’s the 22nd Century. A tough, pioneering people mine the moon for Helium-3 to produce energy for a desperate, war-torn Earth.

Sixteen-year-old Crater Trueblood loves his job as a Helium-3 miner. But when he saves a fellow miner, his life changes forever. Impressed by his heroism, the owner of the mine orders Crater to undertake a dangerous mission. Crater doubts himself, but has no choice. He must go.

With the help of Maria, the mine owner’s frustrating but gorgeous granddaughter, and his gillie-a sentient and sometimes insubordinate clump of slime mold cells-Crater must fight both human and subhuman enemies. He’ll battle his way across a thousand miles of deadly lunar terrain and face genetically altered super warriors in his quest to recover an astonishing object that will alter the lives of everyone on the moon.

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