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Cowgirl Trail (The Texas Trail Series)
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Cowgirl Trail (The Texas Trail Series)

Author: Davis, Susan Page
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ISBN: 080240586X / 9780802405869
Format: Paperback
Publisher: River North
Release Date: 2012-04-01
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In 1884 Maggie Porter returns home after accompanying her mother to a sanatorium for a prolonged illness. The ranch is almost as it was before her mother's death. The young Alex Bright is in charge of the men at Rocking P Ranch and the spring roundup and cattle drive are about to begin. But something is wrong: the cowboys are grumbling. Tired of working long hours at the lowest wage in the area, the cowboys threaten to strike. Alex presents Mr. Porter, the owner of the ranch, with the men's final ultimatum: higher wages or the cowboys quit. The once kind and generous man, Mr. Porter refuses. The cowhands have no choice. They walk off the job, leaving no one to bring the cattle to market. Maggie is desperate. She discovers that the ranch is in debt due to her mother's illness and now her father's health is failing. Even if they get top dollar it would not be enough to pay the bills. She is determined to save the ranch. Hurt by the loss of loyalty from Alex and the men, Maggie turns to her friends for help. She gathers enough women from town, all experienced riders, to help with the drive. Green horses, lack of experience and the vastness of the 250 mile trail all work against the cowgirls. They discover they are being followed - by Alex and some of the women's sweethearts. The cowgirls blame them for some of the mischief along the way. With only two days left before they reach the railhead, outlaws charge the cattle in an effort to start a stampede. In the commotion shots are fired - they stand to lose everything as the cattle scatter. Maggie prays. Where will our help come from

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