CSB Heart of God Teen Study Bible Teal, Compass Design LeatherTouch
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CSB Heart of God Teen Study Bible Teal, Compass Design LeatherTouch
Strauss, Mark L. [Editor]

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Strauss, Mark L. [Editor]


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Every passage in the Bible tells us something about who God is, who we are as those created in his image, and what God's purpose is for us and for the world. By reading it, we learn to discern his heart. When we know his heart, we begin to think in line with his purpose. This Bible provides teens with the tools to get to know God better.

- Book introductions that point out the heart of God in each book

- Short reading sections that each begin with a Setting the Stage summary

- At the end of each reading section, a Seeing the Heart of God section draws out the message of the passage and helps teens apply its truths to their lives

- Biographical Snapshots
profile people in the Bible to show how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things

- Behind the Scenes
sections provide key historical and cultural information

- Big Questions
address some of the hard questions and difficulties found in the Bible

- Encountering God
articles explore God's relationships with biblical people and how he relates to us today

God's purpose in giving the Bible to us was to establish, nurture, and grow a relationship with us. With this teen study Bible, young people will grow in their personal relationship with God and learn to discern his heart in the constantly changing circumstances of life.

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