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But I Didn't Want a Divorce
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But I Didn't Want a Divorce

Author: Bustanoby, Andy
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ISBN: 0310221714 / 9780310221715
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Zondervan
Release Date: 1978-11-19
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I didn't want a divorce -- but the marriage had already died. I didn't want a divorce -- but my spouse left me and got one anyway. I didn't want a divorce -- but even though my religious convictions opposed it, I had to do it for my mental health and physical well-being. No matter how opposed to divorce you and your church may be, and no matter how much you may want to stay married, you may become a divorce statistic this year. Divorce affects one out of every four marriages today. Andre Bustanoby writes this book to people caught in a trap and seeking to put heir lives back together. In the author's words, "You must be willing to be a healed single person rather than an ever-grieving divorcee." This book answers the practical and biblical questions raised by the specter of divorce and redemptively seeks to bring healing for the emotional pain of divorce. Andre Bustanoby offers wise, experienced counsel for dealing with separation, divorce laws, the children of divorce, loneliness, guilt, sexuality, and remarriage. He provides a careful examination of the biblical principles governing divorce and second marriage. If you are facing a divorce or have already experienced it -- even though you didn't want it -- you cannot afford not to read this book. There is healing and acceptance for you in putting your life back together again.

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