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Ask Hayley, vol. 3: Real Answers for Today's Teen
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Ask Hayley, vol. 3: Real Answers for Today's Teen

Author: Group, Baker Publishing
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ISBN: 0800732375 / 9780800732370
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Revell
Release Date: 2008-07-01
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Dear Hayley . . .My boyfriend gave me a promise ring. He told me that now that we are committed, it would be okay for us to have sex. We are going to get married anyway, so it wouldn™t be that bad, would it?Dear Hayley . . .Is it a red flag when you like a person more after you break up than you did before? I keep thinking maybe he was the one and I messed up royally.Dear Hayley . . .I want to get a fun job during the school year but don™t know where to start. Can you help me find something other than flipping burgers? What was your first job?Ask Hayley, Volume 3 delivers even more of Hayley™s answers to these questions and tons more you™ve asked her at askhayley.com. Plus, find out if your relationship will last, how to get your parents to stop nagging, what guys see when they look at you, and more. Ask Hayley, Volume 3 gives you more real answers for the real world, and advice on the questions you™re asking right now.

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