All In: You Are One Decision Away From a Totally Different Life
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All In: You Are One Decision Away From a Totally Different Life
Batterson, Mark; Tracy, Van [Reader]

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Batterson, Mark; Tracy, Van [Reader]


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Half way is no way to live! Quit holding back.
Quit holding out. It’s time to go all in and all out for God.

If Jesus hung on His cross for us, the least we can do is carry our cross for Him. And the good news is this: If you don’t hold out on God, God won’t hold out on you. In reality, no one has ever truly sacrificed anything for God because the eternal reward always outweighs the temporal discomfort. Kneeling at the foot of the cross of Christ and surrendering to His lordship is a radical act of dethroning yourself and enthroning Christ as King. Nothing belongs to you. Not even you.

All In is filled with Mark Batterson’s unique and unforgettable stories, as well as compelling accounts of biblical characters, like Shamgar, Elisha, Jonathan, and even Judas, who will challenge you to surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Batterson writes, “When did we start believing that God wants to send us to safe places to do easy things? That faithfulness is holding the fort? That playing it safe is safe? That there is any greater privilege than sacrifice? That radical is anything but normal. Jesus didn’t die to keep us safe. He died to make us dangerous.”

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