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A Passionate Commitment: Recapturing Your Sense of Purpose
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A Passionate Commitment: Recapturing Your Sense of Purpose

Author: Loritts, Crawford W.; Bright, Bill [Foreword]
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ISBN: 0802452469 / 9780802452467
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Release Date: 1996-07-05
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We regularly attend church, know the hymns by heart, and teach our children about Jesus. We are doing the right things. So why do we feel so empty? Although Jesus promised His followers an abundant life, many Christians struggle with a lack of purpose, fulfillment, and zeal. Underneath all of their Christian activity, they feel cold, and at times confused about the place and prominence of Jesus Christ in their inner lives.
The problem, according to Crawford Loritts, is that we've lost our sense of purpose. While we may have a general sense of direction, we have assumed that somehow we can work out the details or that everything will just fall into place. While we outwardly conform to what we say we believe, we privately confess that we know God wants and deserves more from us. A Passionate Commitment will help you understand God's purpose for your life by challenging the things the world teaches you to hold dear. Crawford Loritts will help you revive your passionate commitment to the God of the universe.

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