8 Crucial Realities: Successful Choices for Graduates
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8 Crucial Realities: Successful Choices for Graduates
Raines, Lissa

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Graduation was your goal for so long, and it has finally come. Now what? A piece of paper and academic transcripts say you possess the tools to be successful, but do you have the practical wisdom to succeed in life and in a career? And how do you define success? Is it wealth, power, and fame, or is success developing extraordinary relationships and living life intentionally?
Every day, we are faced with making choices and taking actions, all based on our individual perception of reality. In 8 Crucial Realities, author Lissa Raines explores the many misconceptions that can lead graduates down a dark, self-defeating path. Raines investigates eight spiritual and practical topics, including money, relationships, and God’s will, providing insights for living in line with God’s Word and principles. Graduates will learn how to avoid self-imposed difficulties or “soul toll.”
Each graduation—high school, college, and graduate school—brings new challenges and new independence. By following the guidelines presented in 8 Crucial Realities, graduates of all levels will be able to create foundational, lifelong patterns for true success. Reflection questions at the beginning and end of each section provide opportunities for self-discovery and growth, making the book a stimulating small group study or perfect graduation gift.

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